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Solid aluminium trims

Solid Ceilings Transitions

An aluminium section for plasterboard concealed T ceilings to create a 20 x 20mm/ 30 x 30mm/ 50 x 50mm shadow line at the perimeter with wall surface using 9mm/12mm gypsum board.

Shadow line plaster trims

20mm Aluminium Plaster Trim
30mm Aluminium Plaster Trim
50mm Aluminium Plaster Trim

Solid aluminium powder coated plaster trims

The Plaster Trim is used to create a modern finish with a shadow line to the flush plaster ceiling using galvanized white powder coating. This option is ideal for minimalist clean lines versus traditional polystyrene or gypsum cornices for ceilings. The Plaster Trim Profiles can be used with the Galvanised Grid or Steel Brandering suspension systems, and are available in aluminium or steel.

Use Solid Ceiling Products transitional channel to easily transition between a flush plaster ceilings and exposed ceilings giving you a sleek and professional look.