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Your showroom defines the cars you sell.

Solid Ceilings provides the most upmarket showroom look and feel at a competitive price.

Upmarket Showroom celiings


Solid Ceilings offers a wide variety of ceilings and drywall for your upmarket showrooms.

We offer various ceiling and drywall solutions whether private or corporate dealerships.

  • Lighting and ceiling options to make your car stand out on the showroom floor

The ceiling installers choice

We guarantee a ceiling and partition system that has been tried, tested and loved by our long standing and committed clients.

  • Our passion for ceiling and partitioning drives us to be the best in our industry
  • is here to help you

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Have a specific need?

There is no ceiling too high or low for us at Solid Ceilings. Whether you are in need of suspended ceilings, trap doors or any other type of ceiling.

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